Insufficent Memory error

Giles Hamlin hamlin at
Sat Feb 9 09:24:25 CST 2002


I have used the latest WINE and the Windows software Championship
manager flawlessly for some time now. However, this morning I upgraded
my machine to 1GB of RAM, and now I get an insufficient memory error.

Looking at the support page for the people that made the software, I see
that this is a common problem amongst anyone using Windows XP or Windows
2K with a gig of ram or greater. The link for discussion of this problem
is at:

I am curious to find out what is causing this bug. According to the link
above, it is a bug in Windows - but does this mean that WINE is doing
such an accurate job as to recreate Windows with all of it's problems?
My suspicion is that it is actually a software problem and they just
believe it is a Windows bug because they have never tried it outside of
a Windows environment.

Anyhow - this leads me onto my question. In the support document, it
mentions a work-around of limiting the amount of memory available to
Windows. Obviously I can't do this - but is there any way to tell WINE
to hide some of my memory? If not, maybe this would be a useful feature
to add for compatibility purposes.

Thanks in advance


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