A progress but a regression too

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Sat Feb 9 10:10:13 CST 2002

  About last two CVS updates ago there appeared changes in the DOS VGA
graphics console emulation.
  Formerly wine was able to play an old DOS game called "Teenagent". This
game always created a small graphics window in the top left corner of the
screen. After manually switching the Xserver to 320x256 resolution, it
was perfect and the game was in full speed and playable (with exception
of "Insufficient memory" problem in one of rooms.
  Now, the following changed:
  - The created window is bigger, I think it's scaled in 2:1 ratio.
  - Probably due to this, the game is now very slow, hogging Athlon/950
    at full throttle but not giving a good "dynamics" (it's not a racing
    game, just walking man).
  - The mouse cursor is totally confused. When I move it to the top of the
    window and then move down, it reappears at the top when it disappears
    at the bottom, at least three times in advance, before the cursor
    leaves the window and goes back to X.
  - Internal geometry in the game is also totally confused. The man is
    walking in nonsensual directions, over the walls and stones, which is
    very funny to observe (the game doesn't crash!) but hard to play :-).
  So, my question:
  Is it possible to turn off the scaling ? I hope it would also eliminate
most of problems which are probably caused by undebugged, new code.
If You want the game to test (it's now freely downloadable), tell me, I'll
put it for download somewhere.
                                    With regards, Pavel Troller

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