How do I launch with Start/Run ??

keith frost pfrostie at
Thu Feb 21 11:49:33 CST 2002

command line:
cd to the path/location of the setup.exe file and then
run:	$ wine ./setup.exe

some graphical filemanagers like konqueror allow you
to launch files with a certain extensions with an
assigned application.  in this case you would
associate all files with an exe extention to wine.

--- Bob Gustafson <bobgus at> wrote:
> Hi List
> I am a newbie to Wine, but managed to download it
> and have run 123free.exe
> and dbridge.exe successfully over the last couple of
> days.
> My OS is RedHat 7.2 and wine is the download rpm
> file:
>    codeweavers-wine-20011108-5.i386.rpm
> The program I am trying to run on wine came with my
> Rex 6000 pda. It is an
> interesting gadget (I have a couple of REX 5000
> units which can be loaded
> from Linux), but comes with a Windows-only set of
> programs.
> The program package is installed from a cdrom using
> a Setup.exe program.
> The instructions for installing say 'do not
> double-click on the Setup.exe
> icon' but go to the Start menu, go to Run and then
> navigate to the cdrom
> location of Setup.exe and proceed from there.
> When I double-click on the Setup.exe icon (in
> Gnome/nautilus), I get a
> blank window with the little word 'Default' in the
> upper left corner.
> Looking at 'ps ax' shows 3 processes running which
> refer to the setup.exe -
> probably one is the main (blank) window and the two
> others are probably
> wine message and debug windows.
> My question:  With wine, how do I simulate the
> Start->Run method of
> launching a program?
> Thanks for your time (and the opportunity to be M$
> free).
> BobG
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