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Nicholas Tomlin neast at
Sun Feb 24 05:25:01 CST 2002


thank you to all with the propane...

"user head space error" is a problem, but I can see past this level of
... how do you say, never mind.


Your wine is VERY old.

!!Yes, got one, and will compile once I work out how to...

you can get a newer version at
you can also get the latest version of the source and documentation at

and one of the following should do

I recomend downloading the documentation and installing from source. Its 
really not too bad even for a newbie. Sometimes its best to go to the 

Tony Lambregts

Tony, thank you for not intruding on my head space...

wine --version
Wine version 20020122

> Can someone please advise where I am going wrong with this thing??

A Wine config file doesn't mean anything by itself, only in relation to
the *NIX system it describes for Wine to use.
> Thanking you in advance..

I bet that is all the thanks I will get, too.
> Nicholas Tomlin.


Probable user head space error. - Dennis A. Moore

M. Lawson, thanks may come a little more freely of they weren't treated
with such repudiation beforehand.

Your efforts are valued as they may lead to a solution, however, would
you pick up an echidna if you knew it was the answer to your itches,
especially with those fearosme quills and spines???

Maybe you should tame your approach, then you could improve your sex

Kindest regards,

Nicholas Tomlin.

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