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Tony Lambregts lambregt at
Sun Feb 24 16:04:37 CST 2002

Tony Lambregts wrote:
> <Flameon>
> If you had spent as much time as I have on this NG as I have YOU would 
> know how much help mister Lawson can be. As for myself I would like you 
> to say your sorry to him, or would you rather have a <plonk>.
> <flameoff>
> Tony Lambregts

I suppose this might not do any good but no harm in trying. Ill try to 
explain this as best as I can.

There are various types of people on this news group. Some, like you, 
are users who are very new to wine. Most are also very new to *nix as 
well. They do things like using a non descriptive subject line, prefix 
reply to quote, supply too little useful information, etc..

Then there are people like me who have used wine for a while know how 
the system works and when they can will help out a person out.

Finally there are people like Lawson who actually contributes to 
developing wine.

Wine is still pre beta software and may or may not run your program. 
Wine needs people like you to give good bug reports. It needs people 
like Lawson even more. There are less then 100 people working on wine as 
far as I know. It it is rare to have the skills to do this and it makes 
me angry/upset when they are not appreciated.

So now do you understand why I think you should say your sorry.

Tony Lambregts

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