Dummy Printing Round 2!

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Mon Feb 25 11:21:46 CST 2002

Dtr wrote:
> Hi,
> I have posted this before, and was told to read the documentation (which I
> already had in detail) since I have been looking everywhere (mainly google)
> with no joy.
> If possible I want to tell wine I have a printer installed (write to file
> printer if possible) as I do not have a printer but have a windows
> application that requires a printer to be installed to run, could anyone
> advise me on any pointers of doing this,
> I have spent alot of time trying my best to research this but I either find
> nothing or it is completely baffling,

I am not sure that it will actually fix your installation, but it should 
not be that difficult to install a printer. So you don't have a printer? 
you don't have cups, I assume. So you want to go through the steps for 
installing the "psdrv" stuff at:

If there is a part of this you don't understand, you will need to give 
more information than "it is completely baffling".

Once installed, in your ~/.wine/config file, make the LPT1: device point 
to a file, and wine should print to a file just fine:
"FILE:" = "tmp.ps"
"LPT1:" = "tmp.ps"

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