True Windows Partition?

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Mon Feb 25 14:50:37 CST 2002

 --- Roy Troxel <rtroxel at> a écrit : > I've
downloaded codeweavers-wine-20011108, and
> installed it on a Red Hat 6.1
> linux box.
> It won't launch any programs, however, and returns
> an error message that
> says it needs a "true Windows partition mounted
> under Linux" or an "empty
> Windows directory".
> Does this mean I need to repartition the hard drive?
No. You just have have to configure a "C:" in your
"true Windows partition mounted under Linux" is not
very recommend since it is alpha software.
The easy way is creating a new virtual "C:" disk
with only a "windows" directory.

you should read some other information in the doco.
(you could update to a 2002 version at

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