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alex md95-asc at
Tue Feb 26 02:04:53 CST 2002

I have the Hot Date edition...can I run under Linux with the special lnx 
patch?? or the Living large edition....???


On Tuesday 26 February 2002 08:08 am, you wrote:
> > I have a copy of the Sims installed on a Win2k FAT32 partition.  I know
> > for a fact that The Sims works under Wine (Mandrake's "Gamer" edition),
> You know wrong. The Sims doesnt work under wine due to some wierdness by
> mixing 3d and 2d directx calls, if you were somehow to get it to run, then
> a lot of textures won't show up.
> Transgaming (who makes WineX, which drives the 'mandrake gamer edition')
> wanted a flagship product to attract new gamers, and at the time 'the
> sims' has sold more copies than any other game last year, and since it
> didnt work quite right, TG paid Maxis for the rights to modify and
> redistribute its own implementation. From what I know, most of the changes
> are just repackaged images in a more SDL-friendly format.
> The Sims will only work with wine if you have the special Transgaming
> version cd-rom, only currently available bundled with the 'mandrake gamer
> edition' available at or your local computer retailer
> (Best Buy, Fry's, CompUSA, Circuit City) for about $60
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