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> Hi Dan,
> Thanks for your prompt help. I ended up downloading the CodeWeavers
> distribution of Wine, which installed easily and put a handy shortcut in
> gnome for me to configure it. Now I've got it working with the program I
> wanted it for, but I unfortunately can't seem to get the parallel port
> working, which kind of makes the program useless (it's an eeprom
> programmer). In the options, it offers me the choice of writing to the
> parallel port at 0x278, 0x378 (default, and what I used on windows) or
> 0x3BC. I have lpt1 mapped in the config to /dev/lp0, which was the
> default (auto detected), and I can only assume it is correct, I have
> tried playing with the settings, but the result is always the same. I'm
> sure this must be something that's configurable, as it's amazing to me
> that WINE can let me do this, and I doubt it would slip up on something
> so small as parallel port communications. Again, any help greatly
> appreciated.
> Kris.

Okay, I'm not 100% sure here, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't
think you can do that sort of thing.

Under linux, raw device access is a big no-no, especially for regular
users (try it as root, it may work), for security reasons.  However,
windows has no such security, so it allows such things.  It's like how
you can't run a video card driver through WINE, it just doesn't work that

Try it as root, that may work, otherwise you're out of luck (hey, it is
alpha software).

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