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> Hi Dan,
> Thanks for your prompt help. I ended up downloading the CodeWeavers
> distribution of Wine, which installed easily and put a handy shortcut in
> gnome for me to configure it. Now I've got it working with the program I
> wanted it for, but I unfortunately can't seem to get the parallel port
> working, which kind of makes the program useless (it's an eeprom
> programmer). In the options, it offers me the choice of writing to the
> parallel port at 0x278, 0x378 (default, and what I used on windows) or
> 0x3BC. I have lpt1 mapped in the config to /dev/lp0, which was the
> default (auto detected), and I can only assume it is correct, I have
> tried playing with the settings, but the result is always the same. I'm
> sure this must be something that's configurable, as it's amazing to me
> that WINE can let me do this, and I doubt it would slip up on something
> so small as parallel port communications. Again, any help greatly
> appreciated.

For direct port access first you must run as root, second you must
include the ports in your .wine/config file. Something like:

"read" = "0x278-0x27a,0x378-0x37a"
"write" = "0x278-0x27a,0x378-0x37a"

Adding --debugmsg +int,+io will give you details which ports the
program tries to read/write

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