How to build WineX???

Dave Jones dajones at
Wed Feb 27 15:38:20 CST 2002

> But then there is still noch winex for me. Maybe Plasma is right...
> and there is no real winex exec. I am just confused, because on the
> transgaming HP they speak of a winex executable.

My God, man. First off, there IS NO WINEX EXECUTABLE. When you install the
binaries for winex, it puts everything under /usr/lib/transgaming/winex/
and a little shell script in /usr/bin named winex, that mostly just sets
environment variables that point to transgaming's winex (so as not to
interfere with an existing wine setup.

The only stuff really relevant in the script are these two lines.

exec $RUNWINE -winver win98 "$@"

line 1 just helps ease memory consumption, and line 2 allows you to pass
variables to the program itself, and not just wine.
e.g: winex -- hl.exe -console -game cstrike
Without the "$@" the switches -console -game cstrike would be passed to
winex and not to the game hl.exe.

Second, when you compile the source, you need to implicitly tell the
compiler you want opengl; by default wine compiles without it.
'./configure --enable-opengl' you should check the output of './configure

Third, BECOME A SUBSCRIBING MEMBER! The 5 bucks a month won't kill you.

I used to think it was a good thing that TG left its CVS anonymous, so the
regular wine guys and other developers could see what was going on. But
now I think they should authenticate CVS checkouts with your subscriber

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