Newies Q: Getting Started With Wine On Red Hat 7.2

Duane Clark junkmail at
Thu Feb 28 13:34:27 CST 2002

Craig Bennett wrote:
>>I tried "winesetup" but it doesn't appear to exist.
>>Can anyone point to where I could read about this issue to get wine
> I had the same problems. I downloaded a different version from winehq and
> compiled that one. Worked like a charm..  created the winesetup too.

I agree, you should avoid using the wine that comes with RH 7.2, since 
it is pretty old. To prevent potential problems, you probably want to 
uninstall the Redhat version first before installing another one.

# rpm -e package-name (I forget what that is).

My real email is at dclark (or something like that).

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