Wizardry 8

Hilko Bengen bengen at vdst-ka.inka.de
Wed Jan 2 22:57:27 CST 2002

I have spent the past few hours trying to get Wizardry 8 to run. Well,
it mostly works: The installer runs fine. I had to use a crack because
otherwise Wizardry complained about a debugger running. I have set it
up to use OpenGL graphics at 640x480x16 and "Miles Fast 2D Positional
Audio" for sound.

The movies get played, video and sound is properly synchronized, too. 
I can create characters, the main screen with 3D scenery shows up,
just like I saw it in Windows 98.

The only thing that makes the game basically unplayable which I have
found so far is most probably an error in the mouse handling code. 
When the left mouse button is pressed, more than one mouse-down event
seems to be generated. One can watch this behavior with the "Magic",
"Use Item" and "Search mode" buttons, as well as in the pop-up window
that pops up when a trunk containing more than one item is opened:
Those buttons are triggered twice most of the time. If one holds the
mouse button down in the trunk pop-up, the clicked item flickers

I am using XFree86 4.1.0 on Debian/unstable, my mouse is a Logitech
optical wheel mouse (driver IMPS/2) and tried the latest CVS of wine
as well as winex. Changing "DXGrab", "Managed", "Desktop" did not

I'd appreciate any help on debugging this problem.


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