almost, but not quite, works perfectly

James Bagley Jr jabagley at
Thu Jan 10 18:49:35 CST 2002


we have this windows application developed internally to keep track of
trouble tickets for the IT people.  Since I mostly work in the unix/linux
environment it would be very nice to be able to use this application with
wine.  Here is a summary of what i've done so far:

installed Wine-20011226.tar.gz

copied the program dir from a windows box.

Ran the exec (wine Aruser.exe) and recieved a 'missing dll' type error.

After copying some dll files from a win2k box to /wine/windows/system I
get some better success (the program window comes up and asks for my
user id/password!).

It lets me login to the ticket system, but won't let me lookup tickets.

I get a bunch of this:

fixme:thread:SetThreadExecutionState (0x80000001): stub, harmless (power
fixme:thread:SetThreadExecutionState (0x0): stub, harmless (power

and then the program prints a dialogue box with the text:
ARERR [193] Error with an entry in the field/assignment lis

Any thoughts?  What additional steps can I take to get more information?

James Bagley			|                  ARC
james_bagley at	| Technical Computing UNIX Admin Support
				|       Agilent Technologies IT

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