mount problems during install

Christian Neumair christian-neumair at
Sun Jul 7 03:33:22 CDT 2002

Am Sam, 2002-07-06 um 21.39 schrieb kalle kanin:

> I believe all you need to do is make sure you don't execute the install
> program from where the cdrom is mounted.
> For example, if you've mounted the cdrom on /cdrom, and the file is install.exe,
> do "wine /cdrom/./install.exe" from any location _but_ the /cdrom tree.
> Doing it this way, you should be able to unmount /cdrom, insert the other
> cdrom, mount it, and continue the install.

Thanks for your advice but i've already tried that. When trying to
change the cd i get 'device is busy' error.
But thank you for your endeavours.

see you,

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