(Demo CD available) Has anyone tested AutoCad 2000 with any recent wine ?

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Tue Jun 18 13:41:17 CDT 2002

keith frost wrote:
> thanks.
> i've already sent off for the demo, but understand
> i've got a stack of demos ahead of it already.  widows
> versions of cadkey, catia, ashlar/velum and some
> others.  i've been back tracking to find a mouse
> problem when running intellicad with recent version of
> wine.  i had deleted the older(working) tar balls of 
> wine and now i'm wishing i hadn't.

Lots of tarballs available:

> does anyone else see this problem in other
> applications?  mouse usage with icons and menus is
> fine but the app locks as soon as you click in the
> drawing area.  i've been using this app for almost two
> years and have not seen this before.

Not that particular problem, but some regressions related to the big gdi 
  patch of 5/31/02. Might be related. Likely these will slowly clear up 
in the coming weeks (unless Alexandre is taking a long vacation).

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