Windows 98 installation

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Tue Jun 18 13:14:15 CDT 2002

Joshua James wrote:

>I tried to install Eudora from my .wine/c/install folder:
>wine Eudora_5.1.1.exe
>err:module:PE_fixup_imports Module (file) KERNEL32.dll (which is needed
>by C:\install\Eudora_5.1.1.exe) not found
>wine Eudora_5.1.1.exe -dll KERNEL32
>Syntax: -dll name[,name[,...]]={native|so|builtin}[,{n|s|b}[,...]]
>    - 'name' is the name of any dll without extension
>    - the order of loading (native, so and builtin) can be abbreviated
>      with the first letter
>    - the option can be specified multiple times
>    Example:
>    -dll comdlg32,commdlg=n -dll shell,shell32=b

It is futile to try to run kernal32 as native.  It simply will not work 
. If it did however the command line would look like this.

wine -dll KERNEL32=n Eudora_5.1.1.exe 

I looked at the application database  for  Eudora  and it does not look 
too good. but you can look for yourself.

So I think your best solution would be to submit a bug report to . Please look at the following for some help in 
writeing a good bug report.


Tony Lambregts

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