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Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Mon Jun 24 06:07:43 CDT 2002

> Sharpeye gave the same error without
> starting. If I can I'll
> try again on that computer and send you the log, but
> I cannot assure it...
Not necessary. But does your soundcard function anyway

> files are in the sub-directories where Sharpeye is
> installed: the "root"
> directory is ~/.wine/fake_windows/Program\
> Files/visiv-co-uk/SharpEye2/,
> Res and User are sub-directories.
Try to create directories Res and User in C:\

or,better, symlinks to the real directories (if you do
so make sure to enable "ShowDirSymlinks" = "1" in
.wine/config at [wine] section)

do choices.txt and symbmap.tis exist ?

This could be a bug in directory handling.
I think wine searches C:\User and C:\Res instead of 
C:\Program Files\visiv-co-uk/SharpEye2\User

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