WinSock & Wsock32

iverger at iverger at
Mon Jun 24 13:32:25 CDT 2002

I am struggling with the simplest thing, I think! I am starting with a fresh config file from the 20020605 wine distro and trying to get the ARS Remedy User win32 based software running. Part way through the install it tell me I need to install "Winsock 2". By this I am assuming it is looking for the 32-bit winsock Dll's, wsock32.dll * ws2_32.dll. I have tried many variations of wsock32, ws2_32 & winsock in the DllOveride section all as "builtin" and I  am using the "--debugmsg +loaddll" on the commandline but do not see the .dll being loaded.

What the heck am I doing wrong? Why can't I see the winsock dll being loaded via the debugger?

Any help is appriciated.

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