Microsoft Home Publishing - 'file could not be opened'

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Tue Jun 25 14:57:50 CDT 2002

Hi John,
  you created an excellent bug report. Could you,
please submit this information to the Wine bug
tracking system at ?
Currently this is the preferred way to report Wine

--- John Mellor <John at> wrote:
> I have managed to run Microsoft Home Publishing with
> Codeweavers Preview 6 on mandrake 8.2, using my
> existing Windows installation.  It loads and diplays
> Ok, I can get the help info and previews pop up for
> project templates.  All seems well until I try to
> open a template, a recent project or any .php file
> from a directory.  In the first two instances I get
> a box saying the file could not be opened.  In the
> last the program hangs.  There are no error messages
> in the log other than 'unhandled exception' in the
> last case. 

These are, probably different issues. Please submit a
separate bug reports for the "File Not Found" messages
and for the exception.

>               Early in the loading of the program it
> does say: 'fixme: file: SetFileAttributesA Couldn't
> set file attributes for existing file /Microsoft
> Home Publishing 2000/Hpuk.gdb' .

I do not think this FIXME message matters.

> I investigated this
> through Google, thinking it might be connected to
> the problem, and found that my /mnt/windows
> partition might be set to Read Only.  However, I
> find that every relevant file is rwx for everybody. 
> To make sure I tried as root but no difference, and
> I set the /mnt/windows entry in /etc/fstab to umask
> 000.  Still no joy. 
>            I tried with fake windows and could not
> get it to run at all.  I tried freshly installing
> Home Publishing from the cd into fake windows  and
> could not get it to do so. Can anyone help me
> please?  My wife uses this all the time and it is my
> final tie to Windows!

Will try to help you to cut this tie ;-)
It would be great if you reproduced the bug not on
Codeweaver's Wine, but on regular Wine source
distribution (or even CVS distribution) - it is not
difficult at all to set it up and much easier to
I remember some file handling problems were fixed in
the recent CVS.


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