Sound Forge 5 and wine-20020605

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Thu Jun 27 13:13:05 CDT 2002


--- nick <nalf38 at> wrote:
> I recently removed the wine provided with RH 7.3
> i386 (following the 
> codeweavers directions for completely removing the
> old wine) and 
> installed wine-20020605 from the source, without any
> noticeable problems.
> Sound Forge 5 worked perfectly under wine-2002037 ,
> but I'm not able to 
> get the open dialog box to work in wine-20020605. 
> Loading native DLL's 
> described in the Application Database for SF
> (advapi32, avifile, avicap, 
> etc) doesn't seem to make a difference in
> performance.  When using 
> builtin dlls for "advapi32", "commdlg" and
> "commctrl" pairs, the open 
> dialog box will open but not work (push buttons,
> nothing happens), and 
> when using the native dlls, SF crashes after clickon
> on File/Open.  I've 
> tried this using my existing windows partition and
> without it, and the 
> result is the same, but I didn't have this prob with
> wine-2002037.
> The error I get after clicking file/open is :
> fixme:shell:ExtractAssociatedIconExA (40475340
> 419536e0 0 41957288): stub

I see you did a lot of research and tried a few
approaches. I can advise you to do regression testing
as described here:

It takes about 4-5 attempts to narrow the search from
month to day.
If you identify the patch which broke your app it will
be very big help to Wine developers in finding and
fixing the issue.

One more advantage in using CVS - you can try current
CVS version, it may have your bug already fixed.

Let us know if you need any assistance in regression

Thank you,
Andriy Palamarchuk

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