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Fri Mar 1 23:29:53 CST 2002

Jim Shaffer, Jr. wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Mar 2002 09:59:40 +1100, "Art Vandalay" <jkara at> wrote:
>>i have heard some stories from some people who claim to have been able to
>>set up a partition in linux and install win98 via wine and then having it
>>fire up. i know wine isnt designed for this purpose but apparantly it has
>>been done....who knows, maybe someone is pulling my leg.
> Well, for starters, it's common knowledge that running Explorer under Wine
> trashes the Windows directory structure...  So I doubt that anyone is running
> the entirety of Windows under Wine.

Besides which it is totally impossible to do this with Wine (read the Wine
FAQ on

Probably the alleged leg-puller is talking about VMWare, which is a
commercial product for running Windows within Linux or Linux within Windows
in a virtual machine. In this case you can actually install Windows (or any
other OS) in the virtual machine.

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