Wine --managed

Daniel F Jarvis dfjarvis at
Mon Mar 4 17:46:20 CST 2002

I'm running wine, and quite oftem, I use good ol' PROGMAN.EXE as an access
point to my win-apps. I launch Progman with the --managed option, but any
applications I run from within Progman, are not run with this option.

This is also a problem with program such as Aol Instant Messenger, when it
creates its own sub windows and what not.

Is there any place where I can configure how wine apps will call other
apps it executes. It'd be nice If they could call apps the same way they
were called, IE, if i call Progman.exe with 'wine --managed
/c/windows/progman.exe', When i click the notepad icon in progman, it
should be called likewise with 'wine --managed /c/windows/notepad.exe'

Can any one help me find where this can be fixed/hacked? I'm a Wine
newbie, but I'm not afraid to dig around in the sources if need be.


 Dan Jarvis


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