Winsock 2 status (was: Re: How to troubleshoot network woes with Wine?)

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Fri Mar 8 15:12:41 CST 2002

On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Frank Joerdens wrote:

> I have a *probable* culprit: This app uses ws2_32, aka Winsock 2, which
> is, according to a thread from November in wine-devel, only partially
> supported. The fact that I have partial network functionality (i.e. it
> even works OK *sometimes*) might be considered kind of consistent with
> the fact that Winsock 2 is only partially supported. The only real
> warning I get with
> wine --debugmsg +ipaddress,+winsock,+dll c:\\Program\ Files\\C4DNET_R73\
> > PC\\C4D_NET_Client.exe
> is
> warn:winsock:wsaErrno errno 22, (Invalid argument).
> Does anyone have any ideas as to this error? Are there any current
> Winsock 2 patches floating about I could play with?
> Regards, Frank
It doesn't _have_ to be a warning.  Sometimes an err or fixme will do to
drop an app in its tracks, or even something Wine thinks is perfectly
normal, but isn't.  However, Invalid argument looks promising.

wsaErrno is just a function to translate loc_errno (which looks like a
*NIX errno) to a winsock error code and return it.

What we need to see now is the context that provoked that error.  Some
function had to take winsock arguments and make them into socket
arguments, at least one of which *NIX doesn't like.  I haven't done much
with sockets yet (one little crash fix), but I guess you have to start


Constants aren't, and variables won't.

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