Com port over the fourth

Stefano Baronio stefano at
Mon Mar 11 10:09:14 CST 2002

> Hello everybody,
> 	I'm trying to get work a win32 application (for NT) that communicate
> with a lots of modems (30-40). 
> No problems if I configure the modem on the first two com ports, but I
> cannot make it run if I ask it to use, for example, COM10, COM11, etc..
> The command is:
> wine --winver nt40 gpcwin.exe
> Here is the error:
> fixme:win32:DEVICE_Open Unknown VxD COM10. Try --winver nt40 or win31 !
> err:progress:ProgressWindowProc unknown msg be10 wp=1ef40001 lp=00001ef4
> err:progress:ProgressWindowProc unknown msg be10 wp=1f900001 lp=00001f90
> err:progress:ProgressWindowProc unknown msg be10 wp=202c0001 lp=0000202c
> etc. etc.
> I tried to set the COM definition in the registry file system.reg
> "Serial0"="COM1"
> "Serial1"="COM2"
> "Serial10"="COM11"
> "Serial9"="COM10"
> as WinNT does, but no way.
> The COM10,11,12,etc. are virtual com port (com ports over tcp/ip) that
> work if I map them on the first two system com ports (Com1 and Com2 in
> the ~/.wine/config file).
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Thank you
> Stefano

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