FoxPro and Wine regressions

Rick Romero rick at
Thu Mar 14 15:53:12 CST 2002

As much as I think I won't be able to accomplish anything, I keep
trying, and I've come across something interesting..

I'm testing my regression by doing the following:
- Start the app
- Press CTRL-V to paste text into the Command Window (which is the
active 'MDI' window - but not really MDI - by default)
- Switch to another virtual desktop
- Switch back to Foxpro (That makes the Command Window 'look' active, by
becoming blue instead of grey)
- Click on the text that has been pasted.

All builds after 5/10/01 will 'lock' at that point, and the text will
highlight as I move the mouse, as if I was still holding the mouse
button down.  This behavior is the same on scrollbars also.
I normally run FoxPro with:
wine /mnt/windows/DevStudio/vfp/vfp.exe

Trying to discern some useful information, I've been playing with
debugmsg.  I've noticed if I do:
wine --debugmsg +scroll,+event,+toolbar,+gdi,+heap /mnt/windows/DevStu

Clicking works as it should.. Scrollbars take two clicks to 'lock', but
the text highlighting doesn't occur.  I can click and move around

If I cut out some of the debug info:
wine --debugmsg +scroll,+event,+toolbar /mnt/windows/DevStu
We're back to normal (non-working normal).

It seems like there is some timing issue that the (almost extreme)
slowness from printing the debugging info is overcoming..(it's just
going to stdout)

With this 'new' information, are there any other directions I can go to
solve the issue?


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