Neverwinter Nights creature viewer problem

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Fri Mar 15 08:57:41 CST 2002

New on this list - bear with me if I put an unintentional foot in my

Neverwinter Nights is a game that's coming out on both windows and linux
(and the Mac). What is _not_ coming out for Linux is the toolset used to
make new adventures and such. We are a lot of people that hope to be
able to run the toolset under Wine, however.

A couple of days ago, the developers released a 'creature viewer'
program for Windows to be able to look at creature models for the game.
This program uses the same technology as the toolset itself, so if we
find a way to make the creature viewer work under Wine, chances are very
good that the toolset itself will work as well.

The creature viewer can be found here:

Now, I (and a couple of others) have been playing around with making the
creature viewer to work. I have the most recent build of Wine, compiled
with OpenGL support (which I have confirmed to work through testing
other programs). The application starts fine (and seems to actually run
OK) - except that the window pane for the model stays resolutely black.
With X in 16bpp, we do get a 'floating point exception' and an assertion
about a camera being undefined; this does not happen in 24bpp. In either
case, no graphics are displayed. 

As I am not a Wine developer - and indeed have no knowledge of the inner
workings of either Wine or windows - I am somewhat at a loss here. I
have a _very_ speculative theory: The viewer is written in Borland C++
Builder, and when I've earlier tried Borland written stuff on older
versions of Wine, one problem was that the window would be placed far
out of the visible screen. I thought that _maybe_ (heavy speculation
ahead) that's what's happening to the OpenGL window pane here.

If anybody here treis the viewer, you can right-click in the pane and
choose 'show grid', and that is supposed to show a green grid in the
pane, rendered with OpenGL; no need to actually load any of the models
to test it.

Right now I have checked out Wine from CVS, and this one segfaults when
starting the program; I suppose that is quite normal when pulling
development versions straight off the net. :)

If anybody has any suggestions of how to proceed with this, please don't
hesitate to say so!

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