dll issues

Robert Shade ras319 at psu.edu
Wed Mar 27 11:36:16 CST 2002

Hi all,

Firstly, I wanted to say thanks to all of the developers that have spent so 
much time creating wine.

I have a few questions though, my soon-to-be-father-in-law has requested that 
I erase windows on his computer and put linux on.  That's all well in good, 
I've had quite a few years experience with linux.  However, he does have a 
few windows programs for which there is no free software alternative that he 
still needs to use.

When I attempt to install one of them, the setup comes up correctly and shows 
its "Please wait screen" (it isn't installshield, looks like a custom job) 
and then the console has the WaitForCriticalSection error in it (actually 
twice).  It then dies with a unhandled exception WaitForCriticalSection timed 

I also had problems with another one that dies with an ole error when one 
process tries to write to another process.

I can put more detailed messages if necessary, but my main question is what 
specific dlls does wine not emulate very well?  I mean, what dlls do you 
recommend that I copy from my Windows partition?  Also, is there any one 
snapshot of wine that you would recommend?  I was reading another thread 
about a stable and development tree and the issue of some snapshots of wine 
are less stable or not as good as other snapshots came up.

Thank you for your time.

Robert Shade
ras319 at psu.edu

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