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Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 27 14:49:49 CST 2002


--- Robert Shade <ras319 at psu.edu> wrote:
> When I attempt to install one of them, the setup
> comes up correctly and shows 
> its "Please wait screen" (it isn't installshield,
> looks like a custom job) 
> and then the console has the WaitForCriticalSection
> error in it (actually 
> twice).  It then dies with a unhandled exception
> WaitForCriticalSection timed 
> out.
> I also had problems with another one that dies with
> an ole error when one 
> process tries to write to another process.

You mean these are the last messages you see from Wine
in the console? In many cases these messages do not
have anything to do with the real problem.

What exactly are the applications? Did you try to
search archives, application database to see if
anybody else could run them?
Can we get some free (trial, demo) copy of these

If not, you'll have to help to research the problem.

Run your application as:

wine --debugmsg
+relay,+file,+win32,+comm,+text,+string MyPrg.exe

and publish the last 200 lines of the log. Note, the
log file can be huge.
(read carefully, my mail client wraps lines)

For details see:

BTW, the docu has a lot of useful information about
the troubleshooting.

> my main question is what 
> specific dlls does wine not emulate very well?  I
> mean, what dlls do you 
> recommend that I copy from my Windows partition? 

Don't know exactly. In general core dlls work pretty
well, ole, shell dlls can give problems. Try to search
archives, experiment with different combinations.

> Also, is there any one 
> snapshot of wine that you would recommend?  I was
> reading another thread 
> about a stable and development tree and the issue of
> some snapshots of wine 
> are less stable or not as good as other snapshots
> came up.

We currently don't have stable snapshots. Even
"releases", published on winehq are not more stable
than any other average snapshot. Thigs are supposed to
improve, but we often come across regressions.

Andriy Palamarchuk

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