Printing under Wine - Mission Impossible?

Dan Fer ezra_daniel at
Wed Nov 6 08:19:26 CST 2002


I've been trying to print under apps running with wine for a while.

In wine docs it says wine automatically detect CUPS printer. Well, I have 
CUPS installed, everything prints great, except apps running under wine, 
which say that no printers are installed.

CUPS version installed. Debian woody version -
Wine version installed. Prepackaged Deb 20021013.

Can anyone point me and explain how can I truly print right now under Wine 
(using cups or not, wine docs are not very trustfull. (I would thank a lot 
if the help would be detailed).

If somebody could help me get it working I would personally offer myself to 
better wine doc section for printing.

Thanks in advance.

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