Printing under Wine - Mission Impossible?

Patrick Tighe ptighe at
Wed Nov 6 16:24:38 CST 2002

I would say it looks like CUPS support is installed, as I see all of my
printers.  I'm wondering if the builtin driver has been broken in newer
releases?  I find it odd that it hangs the HP4500, requesting a power cycle
of the printer. (code 49 FF02 if you're wondering).  It's complaining about
something it got from postscript.


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the results of my grep are exactly what you have, and
yes I believe I have the cups-development package

I have even upgraded to the latest CUPS software from


--- Duane Clark <dclark at> wrote:
> Rick Romero wrote:
> > Do you have the cups-devel package installed?
> >
> > I use Mandrake, but historically, if I was missing
> the devel package,
> > printing wouldn't work after a CVS compile.
> >
> And a quick check for that when compiling, is to go
> to the wine source
> directory and type "grep cups config.log" to see if
> CUPS is found:
>  > grep cups config.log
> configure:7858: checking for cupsGetPPD in -lcups
> configure:7885: gcc -o conftest -g -O2   conftest.c
> -lcups  -lm  >&5
> configure:7918: checking cups/cups.h usability
> configure:7949: checking cups/cups.h presence
> configure:7998: checking for cups/cups.h
> ac_cv_header_cups_cups_h=yes
> ac_cv_lib_cups_cupsGetPPD=yes
> wine_cv_warn_cups_h=no
> CUPSLIBS='-lcups'
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