Printing under Wine - Mission Impossible? (solved)

Dan Fer ezra_daniel at
Thu Nov 7 15:49:57 CST 2002

I finally compiled latest 20021031 tar.gz myself with cups development deb 
package installed and finally got cups to work. I also send a note to the 
daily deb maitainer to ask him and "why not" suggest him to include this 
feature. Hopes he does :)


>From: Duane Clark <dclark at>
>To: wine-users at
>Subject: Re: Printing under Wine - Mission Impossible?
>Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 08:18:30 -0800
>Dan Fer wrote:
>>I've been trying to print under apps running with wine for a while.
>>In wine docs it says wine automatically detect CUPS printer. Well, I have 
>>CUPS installed, everything prints great, except apps running under wine, 
>>which say that no printers are installed.
>>CUPS version installed. Debian woody version -
>>Wine version installed. Prepackaged Deb 20021013.
>>Can anyone point me and explain how can I truly print right now under Wine 
>>(using cups or not, wine docs are not very trustfull. (I would thank a lot 
>>if the help would be detailed).
>Currently, Wine has to be compiled with support for whatever printing 
>system you have. Hopefully someday that will change. In the meantime, that 
>means that if the repackaged Deb 20021013 was not compiled with CUPS 
>support, then the CUPS printing likely will not work.
>So I guess, you could try to find out whether that package has CUPS 
>support, or try to find another package that has it. Or just get source and 
>compile (be sure to uninstall the version you have first). Yes that is a 
>little more difficult to figure out the first time, but it really is not as 
>hard as it first appears (in my opinion). And once you have done it once, 
>it is very easy anytime thereafter.
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