Printing under Wine - Mission Impossible?

Duane Clark dclark at
Fri Nov 8 19:40:12 CST 2002

Kevin DeKorte wrote:
> Some more information about my printing problems.
> I completely removed LPRgn and CUPS from my laptop. I
> then reinstalled basic CUPS none of the cups-drivers
> rpms.
> I then configured my CUPS setup and got Linux apps
> printing (open office etc...)
> I then edited my win.ini in my winroot/c/windows and
> removed all the printers from there.
> I opened up Lotus Notes in wine and tried to print. I
> was able to get a print out, before it crashed my
> printer, but the fonts were all mangled. So I renamed
> my wineroot/c/windows/Fonts directory to something
> else and reloaded Notes. I no had no anti-aliased
> fonts in Wine. But when I printed I got a nice clean
> printout that I expected. I renamed the Fonts
> directory back and got my antialiased fonts back, but
> the print out was corrupted.
> So I have a choice I guess nice screen fonts or nice
> print fonts but not both... argh!

This is a known problem. To quote Ian Pilcher:
> You need to edit the PPD file that Wine is using for your printer, and
> change
>     *TTRasertizer: Type42
> to
>     *TTRasteriser: None
> This will force the PostScript driver to embed fonts as Type1 (which
> works), rather than Type42 (which doesn't).

The ppd files should be in /etc/cups/ppd/.

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