- Re: quartz.dll

Robert Wilkinson bobnmarina1 at ntlworld.com
Mon Nov 11 13:07:25 CST 2002

>Hi, this should be kept in the newsgroup.

Weird, sorry bout that, I clicked on reply, it should have gone to the list. I 
wondered where my postings were. Will sort that out.

> I have actually downloaded a version although my Windows ME has it already.
> I'm very new to this so I would not know how to configure wine to use it.  

Edit your ~/.wine/config file. Go down to the [DllOverrides] section, 
and find the "quartz" entry, or create one if it is not already there, 
and make it look like:
"quartz"       = "native, builtin"

Ok Duane, thanks for the help, I have done the above, and now the program 
runs, now to see if openGL works....


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