Problem running Anstoss2 under Wine

Zsolt Rizsanyi rizsanyi at
Sun Nov 17 19:28:48 CST 2002

On Sunday 17 November 2002 19:32, Duane Clark wrote:
> Tony Lambregts wrote:
> > Adrian Bunk wrote:
> >>I'm trying to run Anstoss2 (a five years old German soccer simulation -
> >>I'm only interested in the strategic part of the game) under Wine. I
> >>tried the Debian package of the 20021031 Release and a self-compiled
> >>package of a 20021116 CVS snapshot. The following messages occur during
> >>the start of the game:
> >>
> >><--  snip  -->
> >>
> >>$ wine anstoss2.exe
> >>fixme:file:DEVICE_Open Unknown/unsupported VxD SICE. Try setting Windows
> >>version to 'nt40' or 'win31'.
> >>fixme:file:DEVICE_Open Unknown/unsupported VxD NTICE. Try setting
> >>Windows version to 'nt40' or 'win31'.
> In general, Wine does not support VxDs. Some programs will use the VxD
> when run under Win98, but not when run under WinNT. That is why Wine is
> suggesting you try that.

The above VxDs are used by debuggers. By trying to DEVICE_Open them the 
program tries to check if any debugger is running.
Since wine returns false for these DEVICE_Opens so the program goes further.

But since this debugger check is common to copy protected programs so your 
program will very probably NOT work.

Of course you can try with a crack if you want.


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