Kazaa lite and mandrake 9

John Allman allmanj at houseofireland.com
Fri Nov 22 10:16:10 CST 2002

Rick Romero wrote:

>Try this with the latest wine...  DCOM and IE seem to be required. 
>Hopefully Crossover Office isn't.
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>Rick Romero wrote:
>>I had noticed that you put up a screenshot of Kazaa, and this user is
>>having problems with Kazaa in wine..
>>Did you do anything special to get it to work?  Or is it maybe just
>>fixed in the latest CVS?
>>Thanks  (I don't want to leave the guy hanging :)
>Sorry for the delay in this message I was the showing
>wine at our LUG tonight :)
>Kazaa... Yea I use 1.7.2 lite on CX-Office
>To use Kazaa you have to have IE installed and for IE
>you have to have DCOM
>I have not tried 2.0 yet .. 1.7.2 is working so why try to fix
>something that is not broke ..
>Here is a url : 
>Hope this helps
Ok - i've compiled up 20021031
for kazaa lite 2.00 i get "you have uninstalled a part of Kazaa Lite 
that is needed to run. Kazaa lite will now quit so you can re-install it."
for 1.7.2 it almost works! the program launches and i see what looks 
like the kazaa i know and love. then shortly afterwards i get an 
unhandled exeption error and asks me do i want to start the debugger. 
either option stops it from working

here's the start of the errors:

fixme:win32:PE_CreateModule Unknown directory 15 ignored
err:menu:MENU_ParseResource not a string item 0800
lots of the same
then a whole pile of stuff like this:
fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32769,0x00010026,-4,8)-stub!
fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32780,0x0003003f,-4,1)-stub!
wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...
err:seh:start_debugger Couldn't start debugger ("") (2)
Read the Wine Developers Guide on how to set up winedbg or another debugger

now the debugger worked fine from the rpm but doesn't work now. Would 
getting it working provide more useful information?

I can think of two possible reasons it wont work. One is that my system 
(mandrake 9) is a gcc3 system and there's some sort of funny system call 
or something *shrug*. The second is that i installed windows 98 as far 
as the first reboot and then stopped it. perhaps this is causing the 
problem? Unfortunately it wont boot here in work as it needs the via 
4in1 drivers for my motherboard. I'll bring the hard drive home this 
weekend and should be able to get it to boot at home (although there are 
complications with that too...) and finish the install process. I 
thought the install was all done and there was only configuration left.

I really appreciate the effort you've gone to to help me and i'm more 
than happy to try anything to get this working!



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