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I found out that in the file user.reg (I have it under /home/user/.wine/)
there are the Regional Settings I need, including a.m. and p.m. I changed
them to AM and PM, but when I use these particular Notes Database it´s
still showed "a.m." and "p.m.", it seems Wine isn´t looking into this file.
I don´t have any trouble with Notes general use, only with this database,
the problem is that it´s crucial for my work. Now I know that the only
thing it´s giving me problems is the way a.m. and p.m. are showed.
When you make changes under the .reg files, is there something you have to
do after that?
I hope with this information someone can help me.

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Well... Lets see, I dont have trouble with dates untill now using Lotus
Notes, Ill tell you my config...

First, in the location , if you are using Lotus Notes 5.x or the local
names.nsf is version 5.x design you have under the tab "Advanced" - "Basic"

a field called Local Time Zone, though I think that may not be your answer.

In User preferences under Lotus Notes version 5.x under the Menu File
you have a section called "International" where you can set:

Content Language: Spanish <-my setting
Sorting: default
Speeling dictionary: Spanish
Alternate name language: Spanish
Import/Export Characters: Codepage 850 (which is the western european).

If you use Notes 4.x I dont have it right now and I dont remember if there
are the same options as in version 5.x

Good luck.

BTW, Any Domino Administrators around in this mailing list?


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>Subject: Re: Problem using Lotus Notes
>Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 11:59:41 -0300
>Thanks for your answer, it´s my first time posting here.
>The error is a dialog box with "illegal function call". I found out that
>the key of the problem is, under Regional Settings, the way Windows writes
>a.m. and p.m. (Windows shows a.m. and p.m. by default and I have to change
>it to AM and PM to get this particular Notes Database). The question would
>be: where can I change these parameters(a.m. to AM) in a way that Wine
>realises of that change?
>Under my Location there´s nothing similar to Regional Settings. The
>is under File>Preferences>User, but still isn´t what I need.
>I tried tzconfig, but the answer is "command not found". Under "locale"
>everything´s fine.
>Martín Arriaga
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>You should explain your exact problem first, dont you think?
>Anyway, to change regional settings under Lotus Notes you can change
>settings in your location under Lotus Notes.
>To change certain regional settings under Linux, tzconfig for time,
>for language...
> >From: marriaga at
> >To: wine-users at
> >Subject: Problem using Lotus Notes
> >Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 12:37:31 -0300
> >
> >I´m running Mandrake 8.2 and installed Wine in a fake_windows directory.

> >could make Lotus Notes 507 work fine with most of its uses, but I´m
> >trouble with a specific application, which runs in Notes environment (a
> >Notes database). The problem I have appears in Windows clients too, but
> >those cases it´s solved changing some parameters in Windows´s "Regional
> >Settings". How can I make it work in Linux? I tried changing the same
> >parameters in KDE Regional Settings, but I imagined it was useless, as
> >doesn´t look there, does it?
> >I hope somebody can help me.
> >Thanks,
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