Windows 3.1 program hangs at startup

Sean Millichamp sean at
Tue Oct 1 15:52:47 CDT 2002

Hi folks,

I just joined the list because I am trying very much to get this program
working so I can keep the environment that I am working in 100% Linux. 
If I can't get this to go I'll have to deploy a couple of Windows boxes.

I have used Wine before but am by no means an expert in configuration or
debugging with it.  I have looked through the information at the website
and did a Google search but didn't seem to find anything related.

When starting the program I get:
err:midi:OSS_MidiInit ioctl on midi info for device 0 failed.
Warning: unprotecting the first 64KB of memory to allow real-mode calls.
         NULL pointer accesses will no longer be caught.

... and then it hangs.  

It seems to be stuck (or get Wine stuck) in some sort of a loop.  When
watching top I see that wineserver is using about 60% of the processor
and wine is using about 40% and both are always marked as runnable.  It
sits there like that until I CTRL-C the process.  Nothing ever displays
on the screen.

I have tried this with the Wine that ships with RH 7.3 and the Wine RPM
built from today's (10/01/2002) CVS linked from the website and
CodeWeaver's CrossOver Office 1.0.  They all exhibit the exact same
behavior.  Other then the needed local path modifications to the
.wine/config file I kept the defaults that were with the RPMs for the
initial test.

I have tested this same binary/installation in Windows 98 and it works. 
I have also tried telling Wine to behave like Win31 and fiddled around
with the DLL load order (not that I knew what I was doing).  No changes.

The installer for the program worked fine.  The program appears to be
built with the old (Win 3.1 era) Borland GUI toolkit, if I recall the
looks correctly - in case that makes a different.

Does anyone have any advice?  Suggestions on how I could get more info
about what is hanging?  I followed the instructions at on how
to get a variety of debugging outputs (relay traces, etc) but none of
them made much sense to me.  Certainly not enough so that I could figure
out where things were going wrong. 

Thanks to all for any help you might have,

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