HalfLife on latest CVS

Michael Pacey michael at wd21.co.uk
Wed Oct 2 16:45:04 CDT 2002

Quoting David Bronaugh <dbronaugh at linuxboxen.org>:
> > Tried as a normal user and as root.
> > I downloaded the mesa demos (gears etc) to test my hardware
> acceleration, gears
> > works just fine - 200 fps.
> Erm, my machine sucks, and glxgears gets about 475 fps. TNT2,
> K6-III/550.
> Something's borko with your 3D accel, though I know Debian doesn't
> enable OpenGL on WINE.

hmm I think you're right! I just ran glxinfo and got

direct rendering: No

I knew there had to be a (better) reason why I always got fragged.

Investigating now! thanks!
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