HalfLife on latest CVS

Michael Pacey michael at wd21.co.uk
Thu Oct 3 04:51:13 CDT 2002

Quoting Michael Pacey <michael at wd21.co.uk>:

> > Something's borko with your 3D accel, though I know Debian doesn't
> > enable OpenGL on WINE.
> hmm I think you're right! I just ran glxinfo and got
> direct rendering: No
> I knew there had to be a (better) reason why I always got fragged.
> Investigating now! thanks!

So I installed misc packages (can't remember which - there are so many 
different ones, I just installed anything with mesa or gl in the name) and got

direct rendering: Yes

The FPS for gears went DOWN to 70 something! But Half Life now works!

Well, sort of... whilst the graphics are smooth and fast, I can see through 
floors and walls - not good when I can't see where I'm standing! - and some of 
the graphics jump about. Also if another window pops up (mail has arrived) the 
Half Life display goes black and I have to kill the process.

Perhaps I need to be more careful on my package selection, but I'm not sure 
where to start. How does Wine know which 3d libraries to use?

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