Can't make a shadow direcory

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Sat Oct 12 12:37:01 CDT 2002

On Sat, 12 Oct 2002, Ben Boomsma wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to make a shadow directory, and followed the instructions out of
> the Wine manual, but it doesn't work. I should do this:
> I didn't came further than:
> [root at ben /]# mkdir c_shadow
> [root at ben /]# cd c_shadow
> [root at ben c_shadow]# ln -s /c_/* .

This is only going to work if your windows drive is monted on
/c_.  I know, in the examples before, we mounted it on /c
so maybe you want to do
ln -s /c/* .
instead, IOW substitute the real mount point for /c_ in the example.

> [root at ben c_shadow]# rm Windows Program Files
> rm: cannot lstat `Windows': No such file or directory
> rm: cannot lstat `Program': No such file or directory
> rm: cannot lstat 'Files': No such file or directory

Was there a directory /c_/Windows?
was it maybe /c_/windows instead?

to rm a directory with a space in the name, quote the name:

rm 'Program Files'

> I know to few about this to solve it, so can someone tell me what I should
> do, and is it possible that I come across other problems when I go further?

We can only guess.  I guess it is possible.
> Also, I have tried to run a program with --debugmsg +loaddll, but how do I
> see wich dll's are needed by the program then? The output only shows wich
> dll's are loaded.

Those are the ones that are needed.  The idea is you might be able to
use native windows dlls for some that Wine doesn't do too well or your
app doesn't like the wine builtin.  Bear in mind that native windows
dlls are not guaranteed to work at all with Wine.

<wine>/documentation/samples/config should be about right for this.

> Thanks for your help,
> Ben


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