MS Sans Serif + listview problem (was window behavior problem)

João Alfredo joaoalf at
Wed Oct 16 07:03:49 CDT 2002

Hello again,

Now I running my app with native windows fonts (with freetype) and the
windows are ok but, now when I try to access a listview it raises an
exception 46 in MS Sans Serif 008 font, "cannot create font"! If I press
OK in exception dialog the program draws the listview title and the app
continues to work. Does freetype can read .fon files or just the .ttf
ones?? How can I create an alias for MS Sans Serif??

Linux: RH 7.3
WINE: 20021007 (native commctrl, comctl32)

Thanks in advance!
João Alfredo G. Batista <joaoalf at> ou <jagbdotx at>
* dotX Consultoria, Serviços e Conectividade
* Departamento de Desenvolvimento

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