Interfering Splash Screen...

Scott Bower s.bower at
Thu Oct 17 19:47:19 CDT 2002

G'Day All,

    I've done my damnest to find this one out for myself but I'm not 
having much luck. I'm using Outlook 98 as part of MS Office under RedHat 
8 and it requires authentication to an Exchange server on startup 
however the dialogue requesting authentication appears beneath the 
Splash Screen Logo and stops all activity until it gets some action.  I 
don't have a drama with it because I know it's there and I can simply 
Alt->Space it to move it out from underneath... it's just that this 
setup is part of a new SOE that I'm building for limited use within a 
Government Section I work at. and many not-so-understanding users will 
find this simply unacceptable.  

I guess what I want to find out is: Is there a way of either starting it 
with a cached password or alternatively, drop the "Always On Top" 
feature of this splash screen logo?

Thanks in Advance,


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