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Thu Oct 17 17:10:02 CDT 2002

>From: Justin <justintyme at>
>The program will only run if I use version nt40, else it gives unhandled
>exception, starting debugger.... but the debugger never launches, though 
>I've used it
>successfully in the past and its mapped to a dos drive, and set up in the 

Unless its an nt40 program, I'd start with this, sound like something in 
your configuration is a bit off.

>>What version of linux are you using?
>Redhat 7.3 up2date.

That shouldn't be the problem then.

>If I change my keyboard setting in kde from the defaults to, say Canadian 
>US,  and pc101 or microsoft natural
>pro, wine then gives a different error saying it couldn't find a keyboard
>layout, and using closest match ..
>brazlian ? lol

When you tried the vanilla keyboard, did you try setting it to US pc101 (it 
is a 101 keyboard right?)

>Where does wine get its keyboard information? Xwindows? Shouldn't I be able
>to pick a keyboard setting
>soemwhere to get around this, even if it doesn't allow me full use of
>whatever keyboard I'm actually

Try "man xmodmap" I think this is the command you're looking for as long as 
WINE is set to use x11drv.

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