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Sorry Chris, I should have used reply all, last time.
See below.

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> >From: Justin <justintyme at>
> > > >I get this when using my game for every key I hit, though the keys
> > > >fine.
> > > >err:keyboard:ActivateKeyboardLayout Only default system keyboard
> > > >supported. Call ignored.
> > > >Typing is a major pain. There is a huge delay from keypress to the
> >letter
> > > >appearing on screen,
> > > >though the correct characters are typed.
> > > >Keyboard is a Microsoft natural pro, language is english.
> > >
> > > Just a thought, but have you considered the fact that you're using a
> > > Microsoft keyboard, and that it may not be fully compatable?  Try it
> >with a
> > > different keyboard, if that works, then you know.
> >
> >Same with plain everyday keyboard as well. And other ideas?
> Well, if its not the hardware, it has to be software, are you getting any
> other error messages?  Try emulating a different version of windows,

The program will only run if I use version nt40, else it gives unhandled
starting debugger.... but the debugger never launches, though I've used it
successfully in the
past and its mapped to a dos drive, and set up in the registry.

> your .wine/config file.  What version of linux are you using?

Redhat 7.3 up2date.
If I change my keyboard setting in kde from the defaults to, say Canadian or
US,  and pc101 or microsoft natural
pro, wine then gives a different error saying it couldn't find a keyboard
layout, and using closest match ..
brazlian ? lol
Where does wine get its keyboard information? Xwindows? Shouldn't I be able
to pick a keyboard setting
soemwhere to get around this, even if it doesn't allow me full use of
whatever keyboard I'm actually

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