win2000 + wine + winMX

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Tue Oct 22 19:34:41 CDT 2002

will do in few hours, winmx works well with windows version set to
(not tested with others) and a few DllOverrides.

tested with original winmx(version 1), 3.20 and 3.30.
note : you must set your connection to primary even if you are on adsl,
dunno why.

 --- "giochi at" <giochi at> a écrit : > Hello,
> could someone paste me a .wine/config file for running wine with
> win2000 (and if it's possible, winMX also)
> In attach , there is mine.
> I see this error when I try to lunch wine with winMX:
> rizla at bizio:~$ wine /win/Programmi/WinMX/WinMX.exe
> fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
> fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
> Thanks in advance

> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/octet-stream name=config

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