Printing with Wine

Graham Watkins graham.gingecat at
Thu Oct 24 03:05:25 CDT 2002

Duane Clark wrote:

> Graham Watkins wrote:
>> Hi Y'all.
>> I'm a relative newcomer to Wine, never having done much more than play
>> Freecell with it until now.
> Is this a build that someone else made and you just installed? Unless 
> the print environment where the build was made matches your print 
> environment, the printing will not work. The best thing to do to make 
> printing work is to compile your own.
> That really is not hard to do. Make sure to uninstall previous 
> versions of Wine before compiling and installing from source. Since 
> you already have configuration done, with a source package you should 
> be able to just do ./configure, make depends, make, make install, and 
> be back up and running.
It's a Redhat RPM. I'll do what you suggest (I'm downloading the file as 
I write this) and let you know how it goes.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Graham Watkins

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