Windows program detects debugger and quits

Rizsanyi Zsolt rizsanyi at
Fri Oct 25 18:24:15 CDT 2002

On Saturday 26 October 2002 00:50, Paul wrote:
> Thanks again for the response.
> The ACR disc is Safedisc 2 protected. I've used Winex to play a Safedisc2
> protected game, so I understand that this is not an absolute limitation.
> Unfortunately, winex apparently doesn't have MDAC worked out (whatever that
> is) as the install crashes there.
> The document you sent suggests that safedisc 1 should work with the current
> wine version, and suggests trying different winverions. I edited my config
> file several times with different version but with no success. Error: A
> debugger has been detected. Unload debugger and try again.

Current wine is not enough. You also need the patch for safedisc, which was 
never applied to wine, because it has to be cleaned up before.
The patch was sent to wine-patches by Laurent Pinchart. But that patch would 
not apply cleanly, because some things have changed in wine since then.

I have made the necessary changes to apply it to current cvs, I could send you 
the patch.
Just you will have to wait some days till I get a definite answer to my 
question on wine-devel. Currenlty I have a cvs conflict and I would like to 
resolve it the correct way, and hope the help of the wine gurus for that.

Do you use cvs? Can the patch be against cvs or should be against a release?

> I'm not sure if installing with wine and running with winex would be very
> easy to do.

That would not be that hard, but requires quite much work (making a config 
file for wine which uses the root dir of winex).


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