WINSPOOL.DRV not found

Christian Schoenebeck christian.schoenebeck at
Sun Oct 27 04:12:28 CST 2002

> Duane Clark wrote:
> Well... you should have winspool.drv. It is part of Wine. Perhaps give 
> more info, like what version of Wine you are running,

Wine's version is 20020904.

I'm using the wine package from Debian Woody. I already tried the unstable 
version of the wine package, but had unmet dependencies (requires GLIBC_2.3 
and Debian doesn't seem to have this version yet - even in unstable).

> and what 
> application.

The application I want to run is WinMX I already had it running since a week 
ago. So I'm a little bit surprised that it suddently doesn't work anymore.

> If you compile Wine off, then 
> would normally be in /usr/local/lib/wine.

Seems to be /usr/lib/wine on my system, but there (and on the whole system) 
is no

I also checked if the file was deleted accidently, but it's completely 
missing in the libwine package.

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