winelib: porting Delphi apps

Frank Joerdens frank at
Thu Oct 31 13:22:47 CST 2002

Just a (probably crazy) thought: What about porting Windoze apps that
aren't written in C? I've got a Delphi application that currently runs
under Virtual PC under OS 9.2 on an eMac (PPC Processor), which would
run much faster without those OS layers in between. I don't really have
a clue as to whether this really far-out-whacky or not cuz I am not
really a Delphi, or, for that matter, C developer. I just have the
Delphi source code for the app in question and do know some Pascal
(learned it in school 20 yeas ago).

What does winelib do exactly?

Regards, Frank

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